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What if the ordinary isn’t so ordinary after all? Where do the boundaries of ‘normal’ lie when many everyday things remain far from self-evident for numerous queer individuals? In a society not designed for queerness, simply leading a content queer life becomes an act of resistance.
Although mundane objects, images, and small creatures are often taken for granted, they hold significant value or many queer people—both in the journey of self-discovery and self-expression, and in crafting a joyful existence. In a world that insists we should not love ourselves as we are, queer joy is not confined to grand gestures or acts of resistance alone. 11i creates a happy, colorful, and nostalgic alternative world where it’s exactly those small things that hold potential and significance for queer resistance and joy.

Museumnacht Alkmaar, 2023. Bij Kunstuitleen in samenwerking met SafeSpace Alkmaar.

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